Heads Up Presents Real Stories

Heads Up Presents Real Stories regarding Erectile Dysfunction

The Heads Up team spends a lot of time working with and educating patients. For some it can be a physical issue, others have a tough time with both the physical as well as the mental issues related to erectile dysfunction.

Man has an ego. Historically, he is the “huntergatherer”. Boss of the house or cave depending on how far back you want to go in history.
If a man doesn’t feel like he’s in charge or at least, making a contribution to a relationship he will most likely feel inadequate, less than…

His state of physically wrestling with ED is hard enough but the mental
aspects can be debilitating – for both he and his mate.

We’ve included several posts from Facebook Groups focused on erectile dysfunction. ED can cause major grief for the man’s partner. Some of the following posts should clarify how a lot of people dealing with erectile dysfunction act and react to the widespread issue.


“How can I help support my signizcant other? I tell him all the time I love him for him. We don’t have to have sex. If we do, we do. Bonus! But it’s not a priority. He is so hard on himself and if he can’t perform it literally breaks his heart and makes him feel less than.

Please help me help him. I need him to understand I don’t want him to feel sad or bad. We can roll with all the good!

Also, I am very supportive in helping him find the right doctor/remedy if this is what makes him feel whole”.

She is a very understanding and supportive woman.


“Do men still feel like sex with ed because my hubby doesn’t! I think at this point the physical challenge has turned into a mental burden. I’m not sure how to help him. I’m afraid if he doesn’t get help, over time it will strain our relationship. I love him but I’m 44 and sex is still important to me. I’m concerned.”

These women represent a small fraction of women online search, reaching for any information or tools that can help their male counterparts. Sex is a natural instinct. It may not be the most important aspect of a relationship – but it’s certainly a cornerstone of the union.

When the sexual energy is interrupted you can be sure pressure on the
relationship will build over time.

Heads Up and its parent company have been educating and delivering
medications to patients with numerous ailments for 20 years. Some of them are catheter patients with life threatening health issues.

This is why Heads Up prides itself on its work ethic in terms of the patient always comes first!


“I’m new. I don’t have any trouble talking about this topic. I’m 68 and right up to December 2022 I never ever had trouble getting an erection or completing the act. I get it at my age things can start changing but I was doing well.

Unfortunately, I caught Covid in December and since then along with all the other issues that come with the virus my only lasting symptom is now you guessed it – erectile dysfunction!

First time ever I have not been able to get it up. Haven’t been able to get an erection since. My Doctor says it’s all in my head but isn’t that what they always seem to say about everything they can’t explain?

Does anyone have any natural supplements that have helped them? I think of giving Panax Ginseng a try. I’m not ready to go the prescription route yet and my doctor was not even comfortable about me trying it. Thanks for any comments. My only prescribed drug I’m on is Bupropion which never cause any issues in the past.”

Paul is newly afflicted with erectile dysfunction because of COVID. We can’t find any data that shows how many people like Paul developed ED from the virus. Paul, if you’re reading or listening Heads Up’s team of medical doctors can most likely help you. They’re experts in the field. You have nothing to lose – and a lot to gain.


“I don’t get erections anymore and I’m 27 years old. I stopped really getting erections a year ago. I’m starting to get frustrated wondering what I should do. I have spoken to the doctor before. I’m confused. I hate not being able to get an erection.

My girlfriend left me without giving me a real reason, but I know my inability to have an erection was a large part of her decision making. I’m bummed. I didn’t know this could happen to a guy well under 30!”

Steven, if you’re reading or listening – if it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. The age of men suffering from ED seems to get lower each year. No one can seem to scientizcally address why this trend is happening, but it is happening!

The good news is whether you’re 25 or 75 Heads Up and its team of medical professionals are here to help – and they can. If you had a cold, pneumonia, a toothache, heart palpitations or any other afflictions you would have no compulsion about seeing a doctor or dentist.

Don’t let the stigma of ED turn your world and potentially your partner’s
world upside down.

Heads Up is Simple. Safe. The Solution.

Simply fill out a brief medical history at . Our medical staff will review your records and if you qualify, they will send you a prescription. Pay online and receive your medications within 48 hours discreetly delivered to your front door with FREE shipping. No fuss. No

And, you’ll get up to 90% off retail pricing!!

No driving to the doctor’s ofzce in trafzc, searching for a parking spot, long waits in the waiting room, paying the doctor $100-$150! (Heads Up pays your online doctor!) No driving to the pharmacy, parking, waiting in line and paying retail!

Heads Up has streamlined the online process, makes your life less complicated and save you lots of dollars and time!

I want to address another issue related to erectile dysfunction. A number of my friends wrestle with ED. Two because of prostate surgery. For most patients going through prostate surgery will require help in thwarting erectile dysfunction.

What I say to my friends is, “The surgery itself is somewhat life changing. Don’t allow ED to exasperate the situation. Do something about it. Life’s too short to not correct health and mental issues when you can as fast as you can.

Heads Up is here to help 24-7 ay www.headsupfast.com

More and more research is showing erectile dysfunction may be the
precursor to other more serious issues. So, men and women don’t delay  get help!

Researchers studied data from nearly 2,000 racially diverse men, with an average age of 69, who had no history of heart disease or stroke. Of those, nearly 46 percent reported having ED symptoms.

After nearly four years, the study found that 115 men with ED symptoms had or died from a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke. Men with ED experienced more than twice the number of such events than men without ED: 6.3 percent versus 2.6 percent.

“A diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is associated with a two-fold increase in heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death beyond traditional risk
factors,” said the study’s senior author, Dr. Michael J. Blaha

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