About us - our story

Heads Up follows a strong tradition born from its parent company, Complete Care Medical (CCM), for nearly 20 years.  That tradition is “The patient comes first. Not sometimes.  Every time.”

CCM has successfully serviced doctor’s offices, hospitals and medical groups with quality products and 5-Star service for nearly two decades.  Heads Up was created to bring quality products and services through telehealth – with the intention to save patients time and money.

What does that mean?  To make the Heads Up service simple, convenient and affordable. 

Further, Heads Up is the only company in the industry that owns its own pharmacy under our roof.  Other companies are basically marketing firms that contract out to third party pharmacies.

Management feels in order to stand by our products and services, we must be able to control all aspects of the process because – “The patient comes first. Not sometimes.  Every time.”

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
44M men in America have some form of erectile dysfunction.  Every one of them has a story.  We hear so many stories of men embarrassed, sad, frustrated, angry.  We also hear similar stories from wives and partners.  What motivates us at Heads Up?  
Bringing relief, reducing stress and delivering on our promise to improve your sexual and emotional health.  
And if you’d like to share your story whether it’s a video or text send it to  support@headsupfast.com