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CONGRATS ! You Made The Right Decision.

You are not alone. 44 Million people in the U.S. are challenged with erectile dysfunction issues. This number does not include partners and spouses!

Heads Up is Super Fast. Super Simple. Heads Up doctors, through our highly secure telehealth system, will prescribe the correct high quality branded or generic medications you need to correct the issue and improve your lifestyle. The process to get the results is only a few clicks away! Super Fast. Super Simple.


Your Relationship

If your relationship is suffering because of erectile dysfunction issues Heads Up is here to help you to grow your relationship.

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Like any other challenge in life - progress starts with the decision to make a change. George is a happy Heads Up client.

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Take a load off your shoulders. You're not alone. 44M Americans experience ED. Make the decision to improve your sexual health.

Great Prices. Fast Results.

ED medication from your local pharmacy can cost hundreds of dollars per month. Heads Up saves our patients as much as 90% of what they would normally pay for the same high quality Branded and Generic ED medications.

Additionally, Heads Up saves patients wait times scheduling a doctor’s visit, driving to the office, parking, waiting to see the doctor, paying the doctor $100-$200 for the visit and driving to the pharmacy to stand in line.  Heads Up pays our telehealth doctors at no cost to you and in a few short minutes from the comfort of your home or office you complete your form and if you’re eligible for medication your prescribed medication is discreetly delivered to your door within 48 hours.

If you do the math saving money from the doctor and pharmacy visits means you could get your first month or two of meds for free.


You Are In Control

Heads Up makes it simple to receive the most trusted treatment without the hassle of waiting for a doctor visit, crowded waiting rooms, awkward conversations, and unnecessary trips to the pharmacy. With Heads Up you are always in control of your ED needs.

Super fast. super simple.

Heads Up doctors, through our completely secure telehealth system, will prescribe the correct high quality branded or generic medications you need to correct the issue and improve your lifestyle. The process to get the results is only a few clicks away!



We at Heads Up know people have choices within every aspect of their lives.  The staff, medical doctors and administrators at Heads Up strive to be the best medical provider possible. We embrace responsibility to our patients with total commitment. 365 days and nights a year!

What People Are Saying

I started developing ED in my mid 30’s but was pretty much in denial for two or three years. When I finally decided to do something about it, I researched a lot of articles and companies. I found Heads Up was the right fit. Very straightforward company that takes their commitment to the patient very seriously.
Nick B, Los Angeles, CA
My husband is always busy because he has a very demanding job, and we have three very active kids! He/we have been experiencing some issues “South of the Border” for almost a year. Every time I discussed it with him his excuse was he was too busy! Hmm. I took the project on in order to save my “happy” time. I found Heads Up. It was easy and affordable and I’m now a happy camper… I think my man is too!
Laura R, San Francisco, CA
I’m. 56 years old. I have to admit – when I was younger, I was pretty much a stud with the ladies. About two years ago I started noticing things weren’t working like they use to. I went to a doctor and he prescribed me some meds. Then realized when I need to replenish, I had to go back to the doctor and the then the pharmacy. I started looking into telehealth companies and found Heads Up. I’m pretty happy so far.
Barry L, Fort Worth, TX


Heads Up’s parent company has been supplying doctor’s offices, hospitals and medical groups for 20 years. We have maintained a 5 Star Rating because we have always put the patient first. Not sometime. Every Time.  

Heads Up telehealth is just like seeing a doctor in person. The only difference is he’s reviewing your information electronically so he can determine if you’re a candidate for medication and which prescription will best serve your needs safely and effectively.

Heads Up treats privacy and security of your information seriously. We are fully HIPAA compliant and adhere to all U.S. regulations related to personal medical information.

Over two decades of dedicated customer service, ensuring patient and customer satisfaction, and our extensive network of providers, including our very own in-house pharmacy. Unlike many others in the field who rely on fulfillment pharmacies and outsourced services, we take a different approach. We handle it all in-house, giving us the unique ability to control every aspect of your experience. From, the moment you place an order to the delivery at your doorstep, we’re committed to providing a higher level of service. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we believe our in-house approach gives us the edge to make your experience truly exceptional.

Thank you for choosing Heads Up where your well-being is at the heart of everything we do!