Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction - Causes

Men go through several health issues and one of them is experiencing sexual problems. One of the most common sexual-related issues is erectile dysfunction. Even though men may be aware of these issues, they may still find it challenging to talk through them with their doctors. Did you know this before? Or, are you completely aware of this problem? Maybe not. That is why we have come up with the topic of discussing this issue in depth. 

What generally happens is that guys facing this issue search for help without letting anyone know. If you are in the same situation and want to know more about erectile dysfunction– causes, treatment, symptoms, and how to get rid of it—the following text is for you!

Let’s start with the discussion.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? 

An erection that is not strong enough for sexual activity is called erectile dysfunction. It is also known as impotence, where one experiences difficulties achieving an erection. Erectile dysfunction- causes one to undermine their confidence, feel stressed, and exacerbate interpersonal issues. 

Besides, this issue leads to risk factors for one’s health where heart disease is likely to occur. Additionally, when this sexual problem begins to happen and one looks for symptoms and treatments, it is important to remind oneself that there may be an underlying medical issue that requires treatment.

What are the Major Causes of ED or Erectile Dysfunction? 

Several causes of ED span the emotional and physical health of an individual. Some of these include the following: 

  • This usually happens when there is limited blood flow to the penis or nerves appear to be harmed. 
  • When the stress level is high, it can lead to this sexual problem.
  • Small vessel disease caused by diabetes can lead to it. 
  • Mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and relationship conflict can cause it. 
  • Undergoing pelvic cancer treatment can lead to ED.

What are the Symptoms and Treatments Available for Erectile Dysfunction? 

Both symptoms and treatments are present for erectile dysfunction that one must know about before knowing when to consult the doctor. Some of these symptoms and treatments are listed below.


  • It gets hard to keep an erection firm 
  • The person may find it hard to get an erection 
  • There may be reduced sexual problems.


There are physical treatments available where one has to undergo exams and tests. The tests revolve around the health of the genital area, along with any blood tests that may be conducted. The healthcare professional may conduct several tests to diagnose the root of the problem before the actual treatment starts. 

Time to Enhance Your Sexual Experiences with Your Partner 

When talking about erectile dysfunction– causes, they can differ from one to another. 

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